In Memory

Barbara Gorman (Ward)

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03/04/13 11:41 PM #1    

Jean Molter (Yontz)

Wasn't Barbara one of the most beautiful people we have ever seen?  So beautiful and gracious.  I remember so much wanting to be like her.  Later in life, we had occasion to talk, she was an incredible person who tried so very hard to overcome her demons.  I still think of her as elegant as Natalie Wood.....just beautiful.


03/25/13 10:25 PM #2    

Celeste (Judy) Graves (Hoyal)

Barbara was my special friend since kindergraten..  We were dance partners for many years.  We kept each other on our toes.  She was an amazing dancer.

We were out of touch with one another for several decades - following our different paths, and I am forever grateful that she found me one night after she had returned to live in Jacksonville and I was living in NY.  She called, and I did not recognize that southern accent.  It had been so many years.  And yet, we were able to reestablish our friendship AND our dancing collaboration. I visited her several times in Jax and she had plans to come see me in NY.  We had begun work on a new dance.  More than anything she wanted to show Oprah that we were still a dancing phenomenon even in our - well - all of you know how old we are!!!!!!

Alas, it was not to be.  I miss her still.  She is so much a part of me.

Judy Graves (Celeste)

04/20/13 10:53 PM #3    

Beverly Newcomer

Barbara Gorman was an incredibly likable person.  Why?  Because as pretty as she was, she tried to make herself enduring to the people she met.  Make no mistake, she knew her shortcomings and really tried to overcome them.            

 I remember one particular night many of us found ourselves on the floor of the living room at Barbara's home watching T. V.  After Miss America was crowned,  Barbara stood up and placed a book on her head as she walked across the living room floor.  We all cheered and at that moment....she was truly happy as she smiled from ear to ear............ It struck me, though,  this beautiful girl seemed sad.  I never knew why I felt that and I quickly dismissed the thought because it made me feel uncomfortable. But.....I never forgot the moment.

 Barbara, where ever you are , ...... I know you will be dancing.  Bev Newcomer


04/21/13 10:36 PM #4    

Beverly Newcomer

Endearing. Ha!  Sorry Barbara!!  You would laugh!  We would laugh together,  huh!

04/22/13 02:25 PM #5    

Vicki Stone (Ettlinger)

     How many wonderful things we experienced together and I embrace that chosen time it shall be continued.  We have so much ahead with each other with laughter and dancing being a couple of the top ten!  My heart, my love and my thoughts, through prayer to you continue as I dance, walk and at times(for short distances) crawl through this learning journey and graduate like you and so many of our friends!!!  I'm hoping to do a" little shag smoothie" dance, we shared and loved, just for you... my girlfriend eternally...  

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